Arcanoid - THX 1138

"Arcanoid"  show us the meaning of the word "talent" making this high quality and addictive electro  fantastic track, called Like The First Film made by "George lucas" in 80's years "THX 1138".

This acronyms, "THX 1138". was Created by lucas to refers (in the jargon of professional AudioVisuals ),after tastes and developing , and resolve equations,to the get the best point of optimum quality audio for a Studio (echo, reverbs, frequency, space,etc) ...
Following the rules of  equations to get result be  "THX 1138" The perfect sound, Like the Arcanoid Music , ;-).

Arcanoid is a spanish electronic music producer,his aka for Djiing and Mixing is Dj Muerto or Dj Died
and his Real name is ia L. Cantalapiedra and his jobs are really awesome, Really he Makes alectronic Music Mind trips....
For Many people (included me) is in the top of music of  electronic  creators, fallen from heaven to bring us infinite widsom...

Mini-Album 2012 Edition "Aging"
Label:semantica Records - SEMANTICA X
Format:Vinyl, 12",Reissue
Country:Spain Released:Jan 2012
Genre:Electronic, Children's
Style:Dark Ambient, Breaks, Electro, IDM, Educational

Tracklist "Aging"
A1     Neutrón   
A2     Communications   
A3     Sad / Talking About   
B1     House Of Frankenstein   
B2     THX-1138

"Arcanoid - THX 1138"