hostile - corrupt temple

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They believes in the reliability of truth and the ability of strength.
Unsurprisingly, the remit of their label is simple; collaboration and respect.
For the first album, Acceptance, total creative freedom was given to the artists to contribute tracks and artwork that represented them most accurately. The result was a body of work that genuinely reflected the length, breadth and depth of underground electronic music today.
This is a path that TrusT are committed to follow and will develop with the support of those who share their ethos.One year on, ‘Remembrance’; the second part of the trilogy, remains true to this ideal and steadfastly, their actions continue to challenge what is considered the norm..

this is included in Voidloss project Trust remembrance comp├Člations and is a great project with a lot of tracks and dsark techno artists to make thre full playlist with at least 60 tunes..awesome techno..for free..thankkks.. Trust colaborators...[TrusT Recordings] TRUST001: Acceptance – Various.
In 2011, TrusT released the seminal “Acceptance” album, which contained 27 tracks by 26 artists.
TrusT now have a permanent home on subsekt and this event preempts the imminent release of TRUST002: Remembrance.