Massimo Vivona ‎- Warcry

Massimo Vivona ‎- Warcry (1997)
Label:Headzone ‎- headz 012
Format:Vinyl, 12"Country:UK
Released:1997 Genre:Electronic

Tracklist "headz 012" by "massimo vivona"
a Warcry    
b Contrast    

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Massimo Vivona is a Italian producer, based in Germany. He is the founder of Headzone and Ground Groove.

Aliases:David Vails, Elevator , Emiliano , John Sferos, Kinetico, Kulprit, Luke Cage, OJ Project, Slayd, Yaka Suki
In Groups:Gamma , Gorn, Untouchable Warriors, Xenon (5)
Variations - M. Vivona, M.Vivona, Masimo Vivona, Massima Bivona, Massimo, Massimo V., Massimo.V., Vivona

Techno, IDM, Dub, Acid, Abstract, Ambient, Experimental, Drone,
Glitch, Noise, Darkwave, Trip-hop, Leftfield, Dubstep, Electro,
Run Away From Yourself...with Electronic Music.

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