Pann onn - Black Heart

In My Opinion The Complete Ep, Is a very good a whole, seems to me a very well complete ep and making great good tastes, giving sense to the project, like telling a good script for a movie, but told the story through the Music, noises, melodies, hypnotic saturations and Atmospheric sounds...

"Black Heart’ track sounds like a modern take on EBM and industrial tracks with its metallic percussion.

The third ANTE release from Belgian Ante-Rasa label comes courtesy of Serbian discovery pann+onn. The Balkan area has been geopolitically unstable for many decades, or arguably since as fas as the Middle Ages. This can be heard and felt in the music of pann+onn. His music depictsworn down industries causing pollution, tension and urban decay.

Opening track on this EP 'Danube Holds Secrets' must be inspired by the river that plays a central role in connecting the Balkan area with Western Europe. This track is ever flowing, forever changing yet remaining within a concept cf. Heraklitos and holding its mystery inside through shimmering noises..

Those shimmering noises and rattling sounds also play their role in 'Landscapes of Fire’. All very well controlled by the gait of the tribal kick drum.'Arranger From Shadows' sounds like a cog under pressure through it's rattling sounds supported by an ambient drone resulting in 5 minutes of grasping for air.

Track 4 - "Black Heart" ANTE03
Released in Ante-Rasa Records
Liege, Belgium , January 1, 2015

Tracklist from " Grohot" EP by "Pann+onn"
1     Danube Holds Secrets     07:54
2     Landscapes of Fire     06:25
3     Arranger From The Shadows     04:58
4     Black Heart     06:26
5     Face It     07:01