Vidna Obmana - The Space In-Between (1998)

Run Away From Yourself...with Electronic Music ... o)))))))
Techno, IDM, Dub, Acid, Abstract, Ambient, Experimental, Drone,
Glitch, Noise, Darkwave, Trip-hop, Leftfield, Dubstep, Electro, electronic music, various, 90s, 90s music, old techno

In Canada  ,in 1998 year..Steve Roach- Patrick O'Hearn - Vidna Obmana Stephen Bacchus & Vir Unis, Joined all...Nobody kkows why, Its a joke..hahahaa..they made a pieces of pure sounds feelings .Quality Gods of Ambient Electronic !:..each one making his own point of view of bliss , drawing it, accross the melodies from this great album called "The Ambient Expanse"  Label:Mirage -  [MIR306]