Delerium - Sorrow [Dark Ambient]

Released in 1991, Euphoric and Decade provide a hint of what Bill Leeb
and Rhys Fulber were about to unleash. 1992 brought Front Line
Assembly's Tactical Neural Implant, Mindphaser and The Blade, Noise
Unit's Strategy of Violence, and Intermix's debut and Phaze II. More
than a decade and dozens of releases later,
Leeb/Fulber/Peterson/Reely/Thirsk projects continue to amaze me,
whatever Trent Reznor might think. 8)

Euphoric contains several "From Beyond" samples; Decade opens with a
couple of notes sampled from the theme from "Reanimator" (adapted or
stolen from Bernard Herrman's Psycho score). Both are campy Stuart
Gordon horror movies loosely based on H.P. Lovecraft short stories.
Lovecraft would be furious!

Tracks 1 & 2 fit quite nicely with Intermix and Phaze II, while Future Primitives probably belongs somewhere else entirely.

I found "Euphoric" on vinyl too; it's great for mixing!